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Tag der Schiene 2022
Brussels - Malmö
Hop on!
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In the spring of 2021, a feasibility study was announced with great optimism for, among other things, a night train between Malmö in Sweden and Brussels.

In the end, the market was only interested in operating a night train between Stockholm and Hamburg. Since this news, in September 2021, the idea of a connection from or to Brussels has also remained very quiet (more details in this opinion).

On this first 'Tag der Schiene' and the start of European Mobility Week, Back-on-Track Europe, Back-on-Track Belgium vzw-asbl and Back-on-Track Germany e.V. joined forces. Together with other supporters in Denmark and Sweden, we are putting the night train from #Hub4Brussels to Malmö on track, which was announced a few months before the Swedish Presidency and a good year before the Belgian Presidency of the Council of Europe.

Do read also the study we did with other organisations to show that night trains can avoid 3% of European emissions!
















Article on Bruzz (Brussels news agency)




A 'summary of the trip'


























































Meeting with the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in Germany

Press event in Copenhagen






























































































Press event in Malmö with breakfast (without passengers)














































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